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Improve your sound

Quiet down your ride

It's hard to enjoy a Sunday cruise when you have a hole in your exhaust. Reduce the sound by having the professional crew at the family owned and operated Adams Auto Service & Custom Exhaust provide you with a new exhaust system for all makes and models.

Superior service and products

 • Cherry Bomb

 • Flowmaster

 • Magnaflow

 • Aluminized tubing

 • Custom built X-Pipes

 • H-Pipes  

 • Fabrication

 • Headers

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When you are creating custom designs for your vehicle, there often comes a pretty hefty price tag. Ask for a complete estimate up front for FREE so you know exactly what you are getting.

Trust in over 35 years of experience to provide you with the best products.

Fix that annoying sound under your car with one call

Give your car a complete overhaul and ask us to do your engine repairs, suspension services, and brake inspections while you are already here.